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Spring Food Plots



Spring Food Plots

When it comes time to plant spring food plots, come to Specialty Seeds. Our spring food plot seeds for deer, turkey, and waterfowl are carefully selected to increase wildlife on your property. What seeds should you plant in spring food plots? We’re glad you asked. Read on to learn a little more from the food plot planting gurus at Specialty Seeds.

Best Spring Food Plots to Attract Deer

Spring food plots can provide an abundance of vegetation on large rural properties and planting forage oat food plots can be especially beneficial for hunters. Creating tantalizing food plots will draw deer to your property year-round, so that when hunting season comes around, they’ll be right in your sights. The major benefit of spring food plots for deer is that you’ll provide the nutrients needed to support new fawns and for the antler development of bucks.

Specialty Seed has exactly what you need to improve deer numbers on your land with food plots. Planting forage oats is one of the most effective ways to bring the big bucks to hunting property. Oats can be planted or frost-seeded in April to provide a spring forage for deer. As a certified seed with a planting rate of 90 pounds an acre, you’re sure to bag the big one when you plant ForageXtreme oats. If you’re looking to diversify rural land, this is hands down the best grain to plant in food plots. Deer spring food plots should also include clover, alfalfa and chicory. Check out all your other deer food plot planting options at Specialty Seed with a quick browse through our online seed store for deer. Plant away and then hunker down in your blind during hunting season to await your trophy buck!

Attract Turkey and Upland Game Birds to Hunting Property

You can quickly and easily improve turkey, quail, dove, and other upland game bird numbers on hunting property with just a little work on your part. The best food plots for turkeys should include lanes for easy bugging and could contain oats, wheat, grapes, and berries, clover, corn, spring protein peas, and whistleback, in addition to the following:

  • Chufa
  • Dove Proso Millet
  • Quack Attract
  • Wild Game Food (WGF) Sorghum
  • Laredo Forage Soybeans
  • Barnyard Grass
  • Browntop Millet
  • Japanese Millet
  • Steyer Corn Seed RR/Bt
  • Chiwapa

Best Spring Food Plot Seeds for Attracting Ducks 

Do you long to step out of your hunting cabin and move through your own rural hunting property to a spot that’s teeming with wildlife and ducks lured into position? That can happen! How?

When ducks are migrating, they often seek flooded areas with particular vegetation to stop and feed. If you want to increase ducks for hunting on your property, plant the right vegetation to attract ducks and right before maturity, flood the area. What should you plant in your food plots for ducks? The best seeds for ducks have seed coats which will be protected from mold while the plant germinates and matures. In addition to planting these seeds, consider a variety of millets and tuberous plants that grow in the water, so that they can withstand flooding. Peas, corn, chufa, soybeans, milo, sunflowers, and Egyptian wheat are other duck favorites.

Chiwapa Millet: Improve Waterfowl Numbers

Long season millet is known for its ability to draw in ducks and other waterfowl. One such long-maturing millet is Chiwapa. Food plot planting dates play an important role in the success of Chiwapa. It can be planted early in the season when rain is abundant and comes to maturation in about 120 days which means it’s still standing at first frost. Chiwapa’s large seed head enables it to withstand flooding during the growing season (and stay out of the mud), and its durability makes it a fantastic option for duck food plots.

Corn for Duck Food Plots

Corn is a favorite of ducks, doves, and quail for both food and cover. An added bonus is that corn attracts invertebrates that break down in the water and enrich the diet of ducks.

Planting Rice to Attract Waterfowl

Ducks are also in favor of rice, which makes it a great choice to plant in food plots for ducks because of its ability to grow well in wetlands and flooded areas.

Increase Duck Numbers with Seed Blends and Seed Mixes

The best ways to attract ducks to your property is to plant high-yielding and durable food sources for waterfowl. Specialty Seed offers other wildlife food plot seeds for waterfowl that are extremely effective. Explore all  your options with a click to our Duck Seeds menu!

Seeds for Spring Food Plots for Sale Online

Regardless of the type of wildlife you’re attempting to attract to your property, Specialty Seeds can help. Check out our exhaustive list of seeds specially chosen to draw wildlife in like a magnet!